A love story through the eye of a spider drone. Across the landscape of a Middle Eastern desert and an oil pipeline, appears a strange spider-like robot that seems to be scoping the horizon. At the other end of the world, in America, Gordon (Joe Cole), drone operator and safe keeper of the pipeline, surveys the desolated landscapes from his screens. Having lost his way in a world he no longer comprehends, he becomes fascinated by Ayusha (Lina El Arabi), a young woman promised to an older man she doesn’t love. Despite the distance, their mutual fear and their imperfect interaction, Gordon will do everything in his power to help Ayusha escape her fate, falling for her in the process.


  • Joe Cole
  • Lina El Arabi
  • Brent Skagford
  • Fayçal Zeglat
  • Mohammed Sakhi
  • Alexia Fast
  • Ayisha Issa
  • Ralph Prosper
  • Sinem Kara
  • Kelly Craig
  • Hatim Saddiki


  • Kim Nguyen
    Director and Writer
  • Pierre Even
  • Christophe Collette
    Director of Photography
  • Emmanuel Fréchette
    Production Designer
  • Valérie Bélègou
    Costume Designer
  • Thierry Morlaas-Lurbe, Claude Beaugrand
    and Bernard Gariépy Strobl
  • Timber Timbre
    Original Music
  • Sébastien Raymond
    Set Photographer
  • Lucie Robitaille, Margery Simkin, Mathilde Snodgrass
    and Aziza Marzac
  • Richard Comeau
  • Yannick Savard
    Production Manager
  • François Yon, Sébastien Beffa, Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, Valéry Guibal, Jeff Sackman, Mark Slone, Patrick Roy
    and Marie-Claude Poulin
    Executive Producers